How to deposit AI Marketing

How to deposit AI Marketing

Instructions for deposit Ai marketing detailed, easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement, 100% successful even for beginners. You can top up AI Marketing in many ways: Payeer e-wallet, PerfectMoney e-wallet, Visa/Mastercard/Maestro cards; Mir card or deposit via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether ERC-20…But We recommend you top up AI Marketing via Payeer and Perfect Money e-wallets

Because other methods are more risky such as: Bitcoin and Ethereum have large price fluctuations in real time, and bank cards are not supported equally in all banks or regions.

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Preparation steps to top up AI Marketing

You must first have one of the 2 wallets or preferably both Payeer and Perfect Money e-wallets.
If you don’t have it, please post it by clicking on the 2 corresponding links below:

Instructions for deposit Ai Marketing

Firstly, Log in to your ai marketing account.

From menu let’s choose Top up and enter to the box Sale amount you want deposit AI Marketing.

Select method and amount you want deposit AI Marketing

Deposit methods you can choose

  • Perfect Money USD: Payment via Perfect Money e-wallet
  • Payeer USD: Pay via Payeer e-wallet
  • Use cashback: Re-invest
  • Visa/Mastercard/Maestro: Pay via The Bank’s Visa/Mastercard/Maestro card account
  • Mir card: Payment via Russian national payment card
  • Bitcoin/Ethereum/Tether ERC-20: E-wallet payments support the above cryptocurrencies.

And now, you can select any method on the dropdown box Select Method, But in this post, we guide 2 method: Payeer and Perfect Money e-wallet.

Deposit AI Marketing via Payeer wallet

Select the Payeer USD payment method, click PAY, one new windows auto display, and choose Payeer

deposit Ai marketing
Go to menu and choose Top up

One window should be show, Hover to the Payeer icon and select USD

Hover to the Payeer icon and select USD

Click to Confirm button to deposit AI Marketing

deposit Ai marketing

After clicking the confirm button, the Payeer login request window will appear, enter your Payeer wallet account credentials and click CONFIRM to complete the deposit.

deposit Ai marketing
Login Payeer account and Confirm Deposit to finish

Deposit AI Marketing via Perfect Money wallet

Also on the Top up interface, you choose the deposit method as Perfect Money USD and click PAY

deposit Ai marketing
Select PerfectMoney USD method and click PAY

On the PerfectMoney transaction window that has just appeared, check that the transaction information such as the amount and wallet is correct. Then click Make payment to proceed to deposit

deposit Ai marketing
Checking and click to Make payment

The Perfect Money login interface will appear, login to your Perfect Money wallet account and click on Payment Preview. To continue, click to Confirm Payment and finish it.

deposit Ai marketing
Confirm paymet and Finish

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Video how AI Marketing works

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